All are welcome to join.  You do not have to be a member of the church.  We keep costs down without sacrificing activities, special outings or events. 

Our Director of CCDS:

Becky Wanger

For more information, questions, or concerns, please contact Ms. Becky at: (267) 574-1385 or

Philosophy of CCDS

Cornwells Christian Day Schools’ aim is to provide a developmental, non-competitive atmosphere and to promote each child’s God-given gifts.  We want to allow children the opportunity to prepare themselves for intellectual, social and spiritual experiences under the direction of Christian teachers.

Program Goals and Philosophy

  • To develop in each child the awareness of our Lord Jesus Christ and His love for them.
  • To promote respect for self and others, encouraging self-control and positive group interaction.
  • To allow exploration – discovery: learning should be an adventure.
  • To work hand in hand with parents in preparing their child for the future.


Bible: The beginning awareness of God’s love is promoted through Bible stories, song and prayer.

Language Arts: ABC’s, introduction of new words, discussion of pictures, books, and experiences.

Math: Concept and recognition of numbers, counting, calendar, size, shapes, and positional sequence.

Social Studies: Family living, community life and national holidays.

Music: Singing, listening, and rhythmic activities.

Science: Weather, plants, birds, and animals.  To understand all of God’s Creation and His handiwork.

Play: To develop gross motor skills. To learn to function as a group member and individual, in or out-of-doors.

Classes offered at Cornwells Christian Day School

3 Year Old – Nursery

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

4 Year Old – Pre K

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Occasional Pre K Enrichment Program

Extra Day or extended day exposing the children to a more in-depth experience about the topics we are working with them during the week.

All classes are (for exception of enrichment program):

9:30 am – 12:00 pm


Monday – Wednesday – Friday

2-day week is $150 Monthly Fee

3-day week is $200 Monthly Fee

*In addition a non-refundable $50 Registration Fee.