Collecting Aluminum Cans for Recycling

Alum. Cans


In our parking lot is a wire cage to deposit aluminum cans for recycling (please, no pet food cans and no crushed cans).  Anyone may participate.  This program is managed by the Boy Scouts and all proceeds go to support their programs.


Collecting Paper for Recycling



Located in our parking lot is a large container used to collect clean paper for recycling (please, no phone books or cardboard).  All are encouraged to donate.  All proceeds go into the church’s general fund.


CA Meetings

Church Hall



Cocaine Anonymous meetings occur in the church’s hall the following times:

Every Tuesday at 7pmOne Day At A Time

Every Wednesday at 8pmSet Up To Recovery

Every Friday at 9pmBreakaway – One Day At A Time

Every Sunday at 7pmFreedom to Choose

For further information refer to their website.


Anyone may bring home a variety of breads on the table in the hall.


Annual Cross Walk


Cornwells UMC and Wilkinson Memorial UMC (1061 State Rd, Croydon, PA  19021) join together every year on Good Friday for an Annual Cross Walk between the Churches.  On April 14, 2017 the Cross Walk will begin at Wilkinson Memorial UMC (1061 State Rd, Croydon, PA  19021) at 12 noon and the walk will end at Cornwells UMC.  Lunch will be served followed by a service.


Annual Fall Festival




Cornwells UMC particpated in the 2017 Bensalem Township Fall Festival. It was great to meet folks who stopped by our table. We had a box in which they could place prayer requests, and we offered to pray right on the spot with those who were interested. How wonderful to offer that gift to others and encourage them in the Lord! We gave out information about our Cornwells Christian Day School (CCDS), lollipops with information about our Children’s Sunday School, and M&Ms with this poem…